3/25/2012- Updated now with 775+ tracks and alphabatized

These tracks are free to download. I have gathered these tracks up over the years of playing this game. Unfortunantly i cant remember all the editors that have worked on them, so i cant give specific credit to each of them. I can however thank each of them for their hard work and dedication to the game when they were working on editing these tracks. Credit absolutly goes to each of them. Noteable mentions: Flash and the entire DirtWizard team, FUO, VLR-Shock, MD23, IGGR-Gas, TDR-Titan,Team-HMS, Team-GFN, BLS-Flyer, Hoover,Jammin,crazy, hawbaker, I am sure i missed a ton of editors but these are the main ones i could remember. Please do not edit these tracks from their original edit. If you can find the original editor and get their approval then go ahead. I cant give that permission. Use these tracks in their state as found here.Also some of these tracks will only work online. If you try them offline and you dont see them in the game, try them online 1st before deciding they wont work. I have not tested all of these tracks, but we have found some to have some problems and conflicts. Before adding them to your schedule test them out extensively. With the multiple versions made i have weeded them out as best as i could, but there still could be doubles. This page reflects 12 years of collection. If you have additions or want something deleted or changed please email me.IF ANYBODY HAS ANY TRACKS NOT LISTED HERE, OR KNOWS WHERE MORE ARE PLEASE EMAIL ME OR GET ME ON YAHOO. Email - ifrtfarm@yahoo.com YIM - ifrtfarm Thank you.
The "D" tracks are the largest of them all due to many tracks starting with "DTR" or "DW". So if you dont find your track your looking for under its "Letter" always check the "D" tracks.
Track Track Track